That this cross may be sweet to Him,
These torments to Him
would be delicious
if all gathered in the fruit.
Bouasse Lebel 1133
Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world
Old Flemish hand-colored engraving

Come to Me All
17th Cent. engraving F. Huberti
Woman, behold thy son! Son, behold thy mother!
John 19:26-27
Vaurs 374
In this powerful engraving the fallen tree of the knowledge of 
good and evil lies broken and uprooted, like the forked 
tongue of the serpent at the foot of the Cross while in glorious 
contrast, the Easter lilies, like the dawn of Easter,  
rise from earth to heaven proclaiming the victory Christ has won.

Signed in ink on the back, Pr. Jean Bosco, this card may have been in the hands of the saint during his lifetime
“But in order that you should have life, it is not enough that My Son should have become the Bridge, unless you pass over this Bridge.”
~ God the Father to St. Catherine of Siena in The Dialogue 

As fragile as the wings of a butterfly, this delicate piece of paper lace also alludes to the metaphor of the bridge. In the dialogues St. Catherine of Sienna, Jesus Christ was described as the magnificent bridge between heaven and earth.
Garden of Prayer
The waters flow forth with joy from the Fountain of Salvation.
O, good Cross, so much love of my Savior do I receive when I hold you in my arms.
Pannier 961
Holy Guardian Angel

The Way of the Cross leads to divine light.

The Cross draws my heart.
Meditating in solitude on the cross comforts us.
The work, the hardships of life
are forgotten at the foot of the Cross.
Let us go to Jesus through the Cross and through prayer.
Lesson of the Cross
One does not arrive at the victory except by combat.
Vve Bouasse Lebel
Faith enlightens us, Hope supports us, Love draws us. 
Chez Ch. Letaille, Paris

He said to his Disciple, "Here is your Mother!"
He said to his Mother, "Woman, here is your son!"

All Hearts are Drawn to Him.

St. Paul
God forbid that I should glory in anything 
save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Your hearts are gardens precious to Jesus.
Sprinkle with the Living Waters of His Cross the lilies He has sown.
The Divine Gardner gives the young shrub a guardian to support it.  
The frail sapling needs a stand and a support against the dangers to which it is exposed.
Bouasse Lebel

Sheltered by the Cross, the lily grows in peace towards heaven.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris Pl. 1472
Through my heart, flooded by Divine Light, allow the incense of the prayers to evaporate.
Mon. Bouasse Lebel

Come, Divine Power, come and communicate to my soul some of that Courageous Will that vanquishes all the enemies of salvation.

Tree supporting a fragile plant and sheltering reeds,
image of the grace support of the weak souls.
Bouasse Lebel, Paris

To appreciate this piece you need to click on the image;
the poetry is in the details.
Note the little birds flocking to the
uncreated Light softly filtered through the mighty Tree of Life, and the vine of Eucharist offered.

Sweet Savior, to know you is to love you and to prefer you above all. Letaille
Ever in these places
my heart sacrifices itself,
and far from overwhelming,
the cross returns life to it...

Pillot, Paris
date penned on back 1834

A small image of the degrees of love.
[Heart of Jesus, hearts of Mary, Joseph, and John the Beloved Disciple,
hearts of all believers]

My God, grow my wings.
In loving the Cross one finds his Heart, for the Divine Love can not live
without suffering.
Letaille, pl. 386

Flowers of Calvary
Each pain is a kiss from the crucifix.
E. Bouasse Jeune 3428

For witness of my sins I want only Jesus.
Hand painted
on silk

Jesus Christ, Father of eternity.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Divine Light. Durand, Paris
Text on back of card:
The cross on which our Savior deigned to die for us 
should always be the principal object of our adoration.
PSALTER OF THE LOVERS OF JESUS I myself am book for you! Have confidence; my death gives you life. O Marie, teach us to meditate, to taste this Book divine. Letaille

As you look at me, you love me...
As you look at me you imitate me...
As you look at me you follow me.
Meditate, meditate... I will drive into solitude, and there talk to the heart (Hosea) THE MORE I SEE YOU THE MORE I LOVE YOU. Letaille
The Cross is the bridge that connects heaven and earth.
God is love itself...Letaille
In the background of this symbolic engraving is the  garden of Eden with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the serpent defeated. In the foreground is Jesus Christ holding the Cross, the Tree of Life, and offering us Himself, our true Life.
Light from The Cross,
upon Thy Christmas shine.

Nexus mysteriorum, is a Latin phrase expressing the belief that all the Mysteries are inter-related. This image shows the influence of this Church teaching developed in the first Vatican Council (1869-1870).
It is unclear whether this card was published in celebration of Easter or Christmas, because, clearly it was meant to show that the feasts are inseparable: it is the Cross of Christ that illumines the beauty of Christmas.

"We adore Thee, Oh Christ, and we bless Thee. 
Because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world." 
This prayer is  prayed universally in both the Church in the East and in the West.
Near her [la croix] I am safe.

V. Bouasse Lebel & fils aimé
Let us attach ourselves to her like a vine to the Tree of Salvation.
Mme. Bouasse Lebel
The measure of our love
must be to love without measure.
~St. Bernard
Dopter, Paris 370
Crucified truly for us. 
I know my sheep, and my sheep know Me.
John 10:7-16
Bénerd, Paris
The Terrible Passage
If you carry my cross during your life 
you will have it as your plank of salvation
at the moment of death.
Bouasse-Lebel, Paris  1139
The Cross is the gift
God made for His friends.
Cure d'Ars